Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About Walker West Music Academy in St. Paul

Is Walker West a charter school or other type of full-time school?

No. Our academy is an out-of-school time community music school that has focused on music education and enrichment since our founding in 1988. We were incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1991. We offer music lessons and programs outside of school hours to support their overall success in vital ways. Our students receive their broader academic training at a range of other Twin Cities public and private schools.

How do I get my child started at Walker West Music Academy?

It’s very easy, and we would love to hear from you. Just call 651-224-2929 and tell us about your child and his or her interests. We will match you with one of our teaching artists, even helping you access an instrument if needed, and provide a free starter lesson. Most kids and teens find this to be a great experience and can’t wait to come back for more! Once your family is a part of our community, we will be active in helping you find the learning path and music programs that fit your child’s needs and schedule best.

Who is eligible to learn and participate at Walker West?

The short answer is “anyone who wants to learn and play music with us.” We welcome kids, teens and adults from all backgrounds, at all skill levels – many of whom benefit from our robust scholarship program if finances are an obstacle. We also teach adults who have always wanted to try an instrument or long to rekindle and expand their musical passions.

How can I support your mission of musical education and enrichment in the Twin Cities?

We have many exciting initiatives underway, and there are many terrific ways to contribute. You can make an individual, tax-deductible donation online or by calling us at 651-224-2929. Numerous corporations and foundations choose to support us on a larger scale. You may want to attend one of our performance events and consider volunteering your time. Finally, signing up for lessons or one of our programs is another way to help keep the music alive! Contact us anytime to learn more.