Our Music School & Community

About Walker West Music Academy

We’ve been teaching and making great music reflective of the African-American experience since 1988. Two groundbreaking musicians, Reverend Carl Walker and Grant West, founded our St. Paul community music program with one rented piano and the determination to share the spirit and make it last. Our school has endured and thrived, enriching many thousands of lives over the past 25-plus years.

There Are Few Music Schools in America Quite Like Ours

Walker West Music Academy is a 501c(3) nonprofit community school of music located in the diverse, historic Summit-University area of St. Paul that we called home from the beginning. We are not a charter or other type of full-time school, but one of the oldest community music schools inspired by the African-American experience in the nation. We thrive thanks to the support of students and families who participant in our music programs and on the generous support of our community.

Our Teachers Express, Share and Promote the Power of Music Every Day

Our talented music instructors form a cohesive, dynamic team of teaching artists who work with more than 125 students each week, exposing them to jazz, gospel, blues and a range of contemporary and classical styles. Our students study and practice, but above all they play and learn by playing! In addition to offering weekly music lessons unlike those available in more traditional settings, the Academy is known for unique endeavors such as its youth jazz ensembles, Summer Music Enrichment Program and Emerging Artist Program for teens.

We Have a Clear Vision and the Future Is Brilliant

As a school that puts great emphasis on accessibility and affordability of its programs by offering a robust scholarship program, Walker West has thrived in the face of many challenges through the years.  Our directors and staff take pride in the organizational discipline that has positioned us to provide an even more fulfilling experience on Selby Avenue in the near future.

Become Part of an Amazing Story and Legacy!

This is just the beginning of the Walker West Story. Those who know us well say much more in their testimonials, and the ultimate measure of any school is its real-world student success stories. We encourage you to find out what’s coming up and going on for Walker West Music Academy – or just contact us to talk about how you can participate in something rich and unforgettable.