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Capital Campaign

The Power Of Music To Heal Our Community

Creating a bold future through the healing & restorative power of music

Walker West recently defined its mission: To be a cultural destination and community resource, where exceptional music education and enrichment is affordable, accessible, and rooted in the African American experience.

To support this vision and grow its work while rooted in community, Walker|West will expand program access and offerings, especially for African American and low-income students, build organizational capacity to support growth, and renovate a state-of-the-art performance and educational facility. To do that, we welcome your help and support in raising $19.5M.

To date, – help us eliminate our 250-student waiting list so more students have access to high quality music education!

Celebrating Culture through Place

$11.4M (establishing a new facility)

Healing Community

$3.5M (expanded music education to serve more students)

Inspiring the Future

$4.6M (capacity building and instrument replacement

With each area of this campaign, Walker|West will acquire the means to be a community destination with state of the art tech, integrated and flexible spaces that are culturally relevant and uplifting for generations to come.

Read the full case statement about our campaign here

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To discuss a major gift, please contact: Braxton Haulcy, Executive Director ( or complete a pledge form.

New Facility Plan Highlights

Celebrating Culture Through Place

COST: $11.4M

Securing the site and funding for reinventing an existing space is the cornerstone of our capital campaign. Walker|West will need to find a new space because our current lease agreement will end in 2023, and will not be renewed.

  • Walker|West is reaching capacity with 230 students per week and serving 5,700 annual program participants. Our mission is not capped at 230 students per week; many more students can and will be served the benefits of a Walker|West education.
  • Recitals and performances are consistently beyond capacity.
  • Storage spaces for instruments are overflowing.
  • There is no designated parking, which sometimes creates dangerous situations for students and concert-goers.

Want to join our campaign and would like to learn more about our investment in the community with a new facility?

How Much – 3 Year Investment Needed To Optimize Community Impact

16,000 Sqft For Relocation In Existing Local Building

  • Building Acquisition $1,980,000
  • Construction $6,977,500
  • Design, Engineering, Financing, and Project Management $1,332,650
  • Construction Related Expenses $1,097,600
  • Program Expansion $3,500,000
  • Capacity-Building and Instrument Replacement $4,600,000
  • Total Building Project Costs $19,487,750

A holistic approach

Celebrating Culture Through Place

Though a large part of our campaign, the site isn’t the only investment we’re making. Fulfilling each funding area works to energize and support our strategic plan goals.

We’re focused on providing:

  • Better access for both African-American and Low Income students/families
  • Increase the number of African American participants in our program to support closing the educational opportunity gap
  • Strengthen the community through the power of music in our time of need reaching students and families in our neighborhood

Read the full case statement about our campaign here.

To discuss a major gift, please contact: Braxton Haulcy, Executive Director ( or complete a pledge form.

Capital Campaign Steering Committee

  • Bruce Nerland
  • Christy Bartlett
  • David Mohr
  • David O’Fallon
  • Grant West
  • Jock Donaldson
  • Judith Titcomb
  • Mary Pickard
  • Eric Anderson
  • Keith Baker
  • John Bennett
  • Melanie Broida
  • Mary Bolkcom
  • Mary K Boyd
  • Mary Mackbee
  • Nieeta Presley
  • Rev. Carl Walker
  • Russell Knighton
  • Liz Cochran
  • Nancy Fushan
  • Russell Knighton
  • Amelia Colwell, Project Leader

Make your gift by mail or in-person.

Walker West enthusiastically accepts gifts from Donor Advised Funds, stock donation, estate and planned gifts, and IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions*. If you want more information on how you can make a gift, contact Amelia Colwell at 319-415-5078 or by email at

Naming rights of rooms in our new facility are available – contact Braxton at or Amelia at for more information.

Please first complete a pledge form to be returned to Walker|West. Include your pledge form with your payment if sending by mail or bringing your gift into our facility.

Here is our address: Walker West Music Academy, 760 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Make your gift online.

Please first complete a pledge form to be returned to Walker|West. Forms can be returned by mail or in-person at the address listed above, or by email to

We accept electronic donations in two ways, via PayPal and/or our GIVEMN page. You do not need to have an account on either site. Gifts can be made with credit or debit cards.

*When you make a gift online, there may be additional processing fees. If covering those fees with your gift is prohibitive, please consider mailing in a check.

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