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Learn more about our teaching artists below and find out why they believe music education is so important.

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Andrew Griffin

I teach different styles of music such as jazz, gospel, pop, R&B, classical, and different forms of contemporary music.

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson known as the Human Microphone based in Minneapolis, has toured all over the world. He’s performed at Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and spent some time on Broadway in, Gospel at Colonus.  

Libby Turner

I love working with voices, at whatever age or stage they may be. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experience, and tricks of the trade, to make singing easier, clearer, and meaningful. My philosophy is, singers are message deliverers.

Susanna Kashiemer

I teach Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Musicals, Worship leading/Worship vocal

William E Duncan

I teach all styles: Classical, jazz, gospel, and much more.

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Drums & Percussion

Babatunde Lea

I teach music from the African diaspora and jazz.

Craig Hill

I teach the style that motivates you. You are welcome to schedule a session in audition preparation, theory, history, conducting, and interpretation with your instrument.

Kevin Washington

Practice patience. Be honest with your weaknesses and work on them. Do not cheat, and be a champion!

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Strings, Guitar & Bass

Charlie Lincoln

Jazz, rock, classical, improvisation

Earl Ross

I teach classical and have occasionally jammed a bit on jazz, gospel and hip hop.

Ernest Bisong

I teach violin and jazz.

Jamie E. Carter

I teach all styles, including jazz and classical

Jessica Theis

Do what makes you happy in music, always have hunger, and enjoy the musical experiences you get. Music is worth a lifetime of memories.

Josh P. Ackerley

I teach Jazz, R&B, hip hop, and funk.

Michael May

Michael May is a guitarist/educator. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University. He studied under Steven Carrier and Matt Michaels at Wayne State University and privately with Guitarist John E. Lawernce. Michael has worked as a teaching/artist with Twin Cities Mobile Jazz, Park Square Theater (Marie and Rosetta) and continues to perform with various artists in the twin cities area.

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Elisha Phillip

I teach classical, jazz, blues, and contemporary to beginners.

Franco Holder

Grant West

I teach, lead, and I am a co-founder of the Academy. I teach classical, jazz, gospel, fundamentals, and ear training.

Jack Barrett

I teach classical and jazz. Including Piano, organ and drums.

Jacob Dodd

I teach classical, jazz, R&B, and gospel. I’m classically trained and utilize my God given gift of perfect pitch to be more accustomed to various styles of music. I also teach tenor saxophone.

Kavyesh Kaviraj

I teach Jazz, Classical, R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Fusion, Indian.

Pieter Swart

Listen constantly. Be patient and covet the opportunity to spend time with the instrument. Never lose childlike curiosity and fascination with your art. I also teach drums and guitar.

Taylor Hamilton

I teach jazz, blues, gospel, rock, classical, latin, pop, etc.

William Duncan

All styles: Classical, jazz, gospel, and much more.

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Woodwinds & Brass

Felix E. James

I teach classical and jazz.

Gerard Ahlgren

I have a focus on jazz studies as that was my focus throughout my formal training at McNally Smith College of Music. But, I also teach classical as well.

Jack Breen

I play and teach both jazz and classical idioms. I also teach a variety of popular genres.

Peter Goggin

I teach Bebop, Classical, Blues, Swing, Fundamentals.

Solomon J. Parham

I teach Jazz, R&B, gospel, hip hop, and classical. I also play piano, flute and digital audio work station.

Tom Wells

I teach jazz and classical.

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