Keepin’ On Podcast

Keepin’ On looks at the journey of aging through the power of music. Music helps us experience the world through creativity, by soothing our souls, uplifting our spirits and connecting us with our cultural roots. It also informs and teaches us. Music helps us keep on Keepin’ On!

Hosted by Vanne Owens Hayes, presented by Walker|West.

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All Episodes:

Episode 1 “Looking Back to Look Forward”. Do you hear a song and you’re propelled back in time to an event, a feeling, a person? Musicians Marvaleen Atlas and William Duncan chart the soundtrack of life’s journey and share their reflections on the power and inspiration of music. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 2 “I Still Got It”. Walker|West faculty member and band leader, Tom Wells, and singer extraordinaire, Thomasina Petrus, share their stories about the benefits of learning and growing through music. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 3 “I Still Got it Goin’ On”.  Walker|West co-founder, Grant West, and vocal artist, Ginger Commodore, reveal how music creates joy in heir lives and helps them stay active. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 4 “The Melody Lingers On: Music and Memory”.  Public Health nurse, Beverly Propes, and the Directors of W/W Amazing Grace Chorus, Shana Moses and Rev. Carl Clomon, discuss the joy of connecting older adults with some activities that contribute to brain health and well-being. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 5 “It’s All About the Family”. Music is an integral element of our lifelong learning, in and out of the classroom. Walker/West co-founder, Reverend Carl Walker, and musician and former W/W student, DeCarlo Jackson, discuss the power of music in their lives and how music connects us to family values and cultural roots. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 6 “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong About Growin’ Old”. Multi-Talented musician and actor, T. Mychael Rambo, and educator and community activist, Mary K. Boyd, talk about how music has played a role in becoming who they are and keeping them engaged with others. Listen on buzzsprout

Episode 7 “Special Guest: Jazz Legend Kenny Barron”. Our host, Vanne Owen-Hayes sat down with her dear friend and legendary jazz pianist, Kenny Barron in our virtual music hall on 720 Selby Avenue to record a very special episode of “Keepin’ On,” during a recent visit for the Twin Cities Jazz Fest. Beginning with one of the artist’s favorite tunes, through music and conversation Vanne and Kenny discuss and model the journey of aging through the power of music. Listen on buzzsprout

Find Kenny Barron’s newest project:  “Without Deception,”  with the Dave Holland Trio featuring Johnathan Blake.

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