Amazing Grace Chorus

The Amazing Grace Chorus (AGC) is a vibrant community of elders and adults over 55 engaging in health promoting activities while experiencing the joy of singing Gospel music together. 

Whatever is healthy for the heart is healthy for the brain!

AGC is a dementia-friendly chorus where elders demonstrate the healing power of music. Through song, the chorus engages the heart and soul of the listener and brings memories of love, friendship, family, and community. Along with many positive benefits for memory and brain health, the AGC provides connection, community, friendship, joy and love for its members. The chorus works to counter social isolation and its detriment to the human spirit, and instead offer comfort, fellowship, and beloved community.  

AGC’s musical focus is primarily well-known and well-loved songs endemic to African-American culture and experience. This chorus highlights the robust, rich, and deeply-rooted traditions of Black people and the connection to the elders and olders of our community. 

Want to connect with the chorus? 

Contact Gale Cannon, Program Coordinator: by phone at 651-224-2929, or by email (, or use the button below.


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