It’s a Feeling, and We’re All Learning:
Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Classical Music and More

Your children can learn music, love music and perform music at Walker West, and so can you. If you are looking for a local music program that is truly hands-on and vibrant, check us out. Start by watching one of our student performance videos or reading about the accomplishments and influences of our music instructors.  Every one is a true teaching artist. They teach piano, drums, guitar and bass, violin, woodwinds, brass and voice. When not working with students, our instructors can be found gigging at local venues around the Twin Cities, creating and sharing incredible, diverse music.

“Walker West is not just a music academy full of wonderfully gifted musicians and teachers. It is a community of positive, caring people who are in the business not only of teaching music but of transforming lives.”Kind words about us from Beth Breen, a Walker West parent

The Beat and the Groove Are Stronger Than Ever

The Walker West story is one of vision and persistence, beginning with our founding in 1988 by Reverend Carl Walker and Grant West. We take pride in every positive learning moment and every moving performance that have grown from those modest beginnings. More than anything, we are proud of our students’ success stories as performers, educators and in other areas of their lives.

We celebrate diversity and work hard to put participation in our music programs within reach for students of all ages and backgrounds. We are absolutely committed to the Summit-University neighborhood and are always striving to make the experience we provide even better. As we work to stay current and grow, we’ll welcome your support.

Call 651-224-2929  or Reach Out to Us Online Anytime

We hope to see you at the Academy for a trial lesson or out in the community at a performance by our talented, original young musicians.